07 February 2012

No, the Church has NOT vowed war on B.O.

This morning's headline on Drudge reads:


Two points here: 1) No. . .and. . .hmmmmmm. . .2) No.

No.  The Church has not "vowed war on Obama."  A large majority of U.S. bishops have vowed to fight an Obama administration policy decision.  The headline above gives the distinct impression that this is some sort of personal, partisan battle. . .like rooting for one team over another at the Super Bowl. B.O. has attacked religious liberty by attacking Catholic conscience.  But the fight here is not against him as a partisan player.  

(Don't get me wrong:  I will be delighted to see him lose in November, but that's not because I am a die-hard Republican and I just want "my side" to win.  I'm looking forward to the campaign about as much as I am looking forward to my first colonoscopy.  If B.O. loses and his GOP replacement pursues anti-Catholic/anti-religious policies/anti-life similar to B.O.'s, I'll be just as happy to see him lose in 2016).

And. . .please note that the "fight in the streets" quote is not from a bishop or any official Church office.  It's from Bill Donohue of the Catholic League.

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