11 February 2012

A deep distrust of religious faith. . .

Despite all of its public apprehension about "culture warriors" on the political right in the past, the current administration has created an HHS mandate that is the embodiment of culture war. At its heart is a seemingly deep distrust of the formative role religious faith has on personal and social conduct, and a deep distaste for religion’s moral influence on public affairs. To say that this view is contrary to the Founders’ thinking and the record of American history would be an understatement.

The Left sees itself as the only true advocate for and protector of the poor and oppressed.  For decades, they were content to leave the Church to do her charitable work in peace.  But now that the Left has become radicalized by a militant strain of purist secularism, it is no longer acceptable to have Religious Neanderthals getting the credit for feeding the hungry and healing the sick.  We must be prevented from offering free healthcare to millions every year b/c we refuse to bow to the Sublime Truth that pregnancy is an injury and fertility a disease.  We must be prevented from helping victims of modern day slavery b/c we will not send these people to be victimized again at Planned Parenthood abortion mills.  We must be prevented from placing orphaned children with intact families b/c we will not give moral credibility to same sex "marriage." And most importantly, we must be made to bend the neck and confess our sins against the great revelations of feminist "tolerance." 

As Archbishop Chaput notes in his takedown of B.O.'s mandate, this latest episode in the culture war was not a bone-headed mistake made by a political amateur. . .it was just the next step.


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  1. As you say, this was just the next step. Obama is a stooge. This is really someone else's show. Bella Dodd said it was a typical Communist-party tactic to advance a callow, inexperienced nobody to sudden prominence and responsibility. The more callow and inexperienced, the better, because easier to direct from behind the scenes. Describes the O to a T.

  2. They know too how to assure their long term survival

    Culture Family Research Council