10 February 2012

Coffee Bowl Browsing

B.O. "doubles down" on Stupid. NB.  There is NO "compromise" possible here.  That's like saying it's possible to poison just half of an aquarium. How do we half-way violate our conscience and half-way surrender religious liberty?

UPDATE:  Looks like B.O. is ready to cave.  Prepare for the harpies of the culture of death to begin their hysterical screeching.

Speaking of the harpies of the culture of death:  the real reason Planned Parenthood freaked out over the lose of Komen money?  
The 9th Circus rules that 54% of the citizen-voters in California are not capable of deciding what marriage ought to be.  Bottomline:  "civil unions" really are a slippery slope to same-sex "marriage."

Heh.  Now that Their Guy in the W.H., Dems suddenly decide that W's war-mongering, Hitleresque, blood for oil anti-terrorist tactics are just fine.  These tactics were wrong when W used them and they are wrong now. 

More cold scientific water tossed on "global warming" hysteria

Funny animal pics. . .


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  1. Not in favor of SS marriage at all, but if 54% of CA residents voted to allow slavery, should the court let it stand?

    Not sure that is a valid argument for how the court should/should not act.

  2. Fichter, slavery denies a human person his dignity as a child of God, a natural right. There is no natural right to have the state bless a same-sex "marriage." The voters of CA were simply expressing their political will that the natural state of marriage remain unsullied by judicial fiat.