10 February 2012

Bishops, don't be duped!

About that "accommodation" on birth-control coverage that B.O. proposed this afternoon. . .

It changes nothing.   The Church will still have to pay to violate her conscience.  The only difference now is that B.O. is saying, "They don't have to pay."  In the world of postmodern politics, this counts as an accommodation.

From Hot Air:

Let’s just take this one step at a time.  Where do insurers get money to pay claims?  They collect premiums and co-pays from the insured group or risk pool.  No matter what the Obama administration wants to say now, the money that will cover those contraception costs will come from the religious organizations that must now by law buy that insurance and pay those premiums.  Their religious doctrines have long-standing prohibitions against participating in contraception and abortion, and nothing in this “accommodation” changes the fact that the government is now forcing them to both fund and facilitate access to products and services that offend their practice of religion.

Basically, the Obama administration told religious organizations to stop complaining and get in line.  This “accommodation” only attempts to accommodate Obama’s political standing and nothing more.

Please pray that our bishops are not duped by this cynical tactic.

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  1. Religious institutions do not pay, insurance companies do:

    Insurers will create policy not including contraceptive coverage in the contract for religious organizations that object. Second, the same insurance company must simultaneously offer contraceptive coverage to all employees, and cannot charge an additional premium.

    So religious institutions must pay insurance companies and insurance companies must offer restricted plans. I don't see the problem. One doesn't get to tell one's vendors how to run their business.

  2. John, then who's paying for the pills, etc.? The insurance company is footing the bill? Not likely.