09 December 2011

The First Nawlins' Coffee Cup Browsing (with chicory!)

Methinks that the nation's Attorney General was educated at a "univeristy in the Catholic tradition."  The problem here is that once you've lied to us, you then ask us to believe that it was never your intent to lie in the first place. . .ad. nau.

The Zombies are coming!  And they're from Mars!!

And they say that the Catholic Church is sex-obsessed. . .geez.

Occupy Whiners taunt police. . .police remain professional despite it all.  Language warning.

Exactly:  Catholics should fear the sins of her members more than persecution from her enemies. 

Colorful lizard disapproves. . .strongly.

What your toilet paper says about you.

Ever have one of those days?

The Kindle Wish List has been updated. . .

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  1. Burnham's Ghost11:51 AM

    Welcome home.

    Formerly Great Britain is hanging on by the skin of her very loose and decayed teeth, if you ask me.

    An encomium to the Empire you might like: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/285212/paleo-conservative-guide-british-empire-h-w-crocker-iii

  2. My toilet paper says nothing about me, because it is not there. Why waste all those extra napkins they throw in the bag at drive-thru?

  3. Father, T.M.I. (You're right, of course)!

  4. Sure, that's it, hide the fruit and vegetables!!! This Islamic teachers have way to much time on their hands.