10 December 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing (Late Edition)

Exactly how long (grammatically speaking) can something "teeter on the brink," "verge on collapse," or "balance on the threshold of disaster"?  I'm gonna bet this month's stipend that the Language of Crisis is on the cusp of exhaustion.

I spend WAY too much time on the computer. . .however, my life wouldn't grind to a halt if the power went out; in fact, I'd probably get more done.

On the question of clerical facial hair. . .needless to say, I'm for it!

Coptic Christians describe to Congress their persecution in Egypt.

Some background on our Coptic brothers and sisters suffering at the hands of the Religion of Peace.

Excellent reflection on justice and the Catechism.

A bad metaphor.

Weird hats. . .there are two of these that I'd wear.  Guess which two.

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  1. Weird hats - OK, I'll guess. One of the animal hats, probably the bison; and the ice cream cone. (I hope the real answer doesn't include any of the ladies' hats...)

  2. Always like your links. The Bishop Sample interview was great, especially his story of how his father opposed his vocation.

  3. The fish helmet. And the butterfly one goes well with a beard. But I have no taste, ignore me.

  4. About technology dependence: I never take a book down from the shelf and discover the pages are suddenly blank.

  5. Fr Joseph Mack5:34 AM

    Just finished reading the story about Bishop Alexander Sample -can we find a valid way of cloning a few extra of him???

    And by the way - that fish hat would be wowza for you.