19 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

I don't believe in unicorns or elves, therefore, I don't spend a dime of my money or a second of my time talking, writing, protesting, and whining about them.

AP rewriting history to erase Dem support for Occupy Whiners?  

Girl Scouts embrace the Culture of Death, causing some problems for Catholics. 

Hee-lar-ree-us:  ". . .a postmortem on utopia, which died in infancy but lived long enough to evolve a familiar proto-hierarchy."  Pigs.  Equal.  More.  Others.  And all that.

Purgatory in scripture. . .yup, it's there.

I love this guy.  So few in the E.U. have his guts.

Crystal Cathedral goes to the Diocese of Orange. . .let's hope the Vatican puts a stop to this $58 million lame duck grasp for a legacy.

Yet another excellent reason to get out of Italy. . .drug-resistant bacteria spreading.

Oops!  Documents appear to show John Kerry doing a little illegal inside trading.

Feminist "war on rape" conflates actual rape with boorish behavior.  Of course, if students would remain chaste and celibate 'til marriage none of this would matter.

European civilization is on the brink of collapse and the E.U. Nannies issue this vitally important regulation:  bottled water makers cannot claim that water hydrates

Hear, hear! 

If you're gonna get sprayed with a hose. . .

We all need a little now and then. . .WalMart is here to help.

Some days you just have to wear a shark on your head.

Ah, a pic of me at Thanksgiving circa 1965.

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  1. Sharon2:04 AM

    Feminist "war on rape" conflates actual rape with boorish behavior.

    It's not really a war on rape, it's a war on men.

  2. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Regarding the Church's purchase of the so-called "Crystal Cathedral," I have learned that the Diocese of Orange has been desiring a Cathedral now for some time (a pet project of the bishop, apparently) and that the outright purchase and renovation of this facility will be substantially less expensive than a new Cathedral project "from the ground up." My only regret is that the Church won't have designed this "from the ground up" according to Catholic liturgical principles, but then, there is clearly a trend in California to build new Catholic cathedrals devoid of any correspondence to Catholic liturgy, history, theology or worship patterns, so what's the diff? A friend who visited the Cathedral in Los Angeles fpor the first time shortly after it opeend remakred, "The people who built this place obviously had an enormous amount of knowledge about many subjects: art, architecture, lighting, sound, tapestry, finances, etc. It's a pity that the one and only subject they obviously knew nothing about was the Catholic religion!" With a metropolitan Cathedral like LA, how can Orange go wrong with the Crystal Cathedral?

  3. Thanks for the Zucotti Park video from the Daily Show. Coffee is still dribbling out of my nostrils because I can't stop laughing. A classic. It should be shown at every "Justice and Peace" meeting!

    Hey, maybe they could all move out west and Occupy Our Lady of the Crystal Cathedral!