16 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

MSM media types are becoming a little unhinged at the thought of Newt G. being the GOP nominee

The Hunger Games:  just finished reading this novel.  The movie looks excellent!

I don't care if you're a Traddie, a Spirit of Vatican Two Peace Bonger, a recent convert, a Christmas/Easter pew warmer, or a rubber-necking agnostic/atheist:  you need to get in on this fight!  Why?  First, they came for the Jews. . .

MSM abandons OWS to its own folly:  "Funny how the left’s assertion that this was a grand political awakening has now gone down the memory hole."  Sorry.  But this is surprising how?

The natural escalation of a tantrum:  "non-violent" OWS Whiner threatens Macy's with a Molotov cocktail

Hope and Change become Despair and More-of-the-Same:  students abandoning B.O.  Smart kids.

What happens when a loved-one disappears from a cruise ship?  A whole lotta nothing.

Obviously, the problem here is that she didn't minor in Lower-East Asian Disability Studies.

Redneck Earthquake Early Warning System. . .not always accurate.

No, no, no. . .Jabba would never be seen in public with his curlers.

The birth of a Philosopher!

Well, this just means that no one wants to leave the Magnolia State

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  1. Hildebrand8:26 AM

    I always enjoy it when references to the "Spirit-of-Vatican-Two Peace Bong" make it onto these pages!

  2. Re The Woman Clothed With The Psychedelic MooMoo (A variant of John's Apocalypse?)

    I read her inaugural sermon. It's a classic of its kind and totally unoriginal and predictable.

    When she mentions "Jesus and all the great spiritual teachers before and after him" she gives the game away.

    Isn't it funny that the more Protestants lose touch with their roots, both Reformational and Christian, the more they like to dress up like Catholics?

    I am no fan of J2P2's theology of the body, but I am an observer of human nature and history and I hold that when women's power in the church either by numbers (local parishes staffed by all women but for the lone male pastor) or, God forbid, by admission into Orders happens, all sorts of bad results happen.

    If the Christian priesthood is designed just for men then there has to be something essential and crucial about manhood that women, for all their gifts, lack. I wonder if anyone in the Church has the b**** to articulate that. And to articulate it to priests, very importantly. Too many of these guys think of themselves as "persons" rather than "men".

    Here endeth the rant.

  3. catholicvote.org has a thoughtful article on New Gingrich.

  4. TotalDepravity10:41 AM

    This is delectatio morosa, but I can't help my fallen nature.

  5. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Hello Father,

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  6. From Your Editor:

    The accepted spelling is "muu-muu."

  7. Dear Editor, considering that I've never actually written the word out, I got pretty close! :-)