31 October 2011

Bishops Cut $$$ for CCHD condoms

Credit where credit is due"The U.S. bishops' social justice arm has cut funding to a New York-based AIDS charity after the group was discovered to have lied about its adherence to Catholic teaching."

If I had to guess, I'd say that the bishops are honestly trying to purge CCHD of its dissident habits.  This whole scandal is probably a case of The Church Lagging Behind the Curve when it comes to staying current on rapidly evolving controversies.  

In other words, I doubt very seriously that the episcopal portion of the Catholic hierarchy in the U.S.  is conscious of the errors of the CCHD and supports these errors despite Church teaching.  It is more than likely that the bishops in charge are playing "catch-up," that is, they are scrambling to keep current with the problems, sifting through the various and sundry perspectives to get at the Truth of the Matter.   They must be bombarded with "facts" on a daily basis. 

The stability of the Church--though not her ultimate fate--rests on the shoulders of the bishops.  If you aren't praying/fasting/sacrificing for them, you should be! 

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