02 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

The Ten Commandments of Atheism. . .not one of these commandments contradicts or conflicts with Christian teaching.  In fact, most of them are rooted in the Christian moral tradition.

Law prof denied tenure b/c his students whined about his Socratic Method of teaching.   Those ninnies wouldn't last a week at U.D.

A list of organizations and individuals who have publicly supported the OWS movement:  Communists, Nazis, Black Panthers, B.O., Nancy Pelosi, Hugo Chavez, Louis Farrakhan, ad. nau.

Nothing and No One is safe in the Occupiers Squatter Camps:  deaf man raped.

Aight. . .two OWS links. . .now for a palette cleanser:  Cute Pug Puppy!

Dissecting a WaPo story on the new English translation of the Missal.  Lots to dissect.

Could a single Marine unit take down the Roman Empire?  Can't wait for the movie!  (Exit question:  will there be any aliens?)

B.O. cuts funding to Catholic groups fighting human trafficking.  No, B.O. doesn't support human trafficking.  This is about moving the Church further out of the public square.

Catholic Zombies!  Now they have gone too far. . .too far indeed.

Southerners are losing their manners.  Say it ain't so!  (NB.  Southern manners can often mask contempt, but polite contempt is better than open hostility, right?)

Wow.  Someone recruit this guy to run for U.S. President.  I'd almost be willing to amend the Constitution if he'd run.

This reminds me of that movie where all the good-looking 20-something's cheat death in a plane crash and then get killed off one by one via bizarre accidents

On booze and the distinction btw the correlation of facts and the cause of events.

These thieves must be Mississippi rednecks. . .

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  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Re Southern manners. The men asked to move were black, the women white. That adds a whole nother complexion (sic) to the incident...

  2. Yes, that's true. . .but a gentleman (regardless of race) ALWAYS gives his seat to a lady (regardless of race). In fact, for the gentleman (regardless of race) to even note the race of the lady (regardless of race) diminishes his gentleness.

  3. One of the distinguishing traits of yours truly cited by my future wife during our first meeting was an abundance of manners (holding the door, letting her sit down first at a table, etc.). I'm a native of New York State, she's a Texan. Go figure.

    FWIW, theres also a "slight" age difference of 22 years. The lack of manners may be more age related than anything else.

    But I'll note that standing at the back of our church during an SRO Mass is irritating when I see so many ablebodied males sitting on their duffs while old or pregnant women are forced to stand. I'm 59 with an arthritic knee (lots of fun when kneeling on a stone floor) and at least half the schmucks who call themselves "men" are less than that age.

  4. Re: Socratic method.

    I learned biochemistry by the Socratic method. The first question on day one was "What's a protein?" Of course the questions had to degenerate from there as the prof and we learned how little we really knew as college juniors/seniors in chemistry. That was a great class and a great school.

    I wish some of my other classes had been so fruitful.

  5. Re: zombies. I was told by a 20 something shelf stocker at the supermarket that she was proud to tell her devout Catholic future mother-in-law at Easter time that Jesus was a zombie because he came back from the dead. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

    I think joking about zombies may be counterproductive in a sense because there are some people who actually believe in it. I have noticed that people who grow up immersed in pop culture are unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, which is why role playing games are so toxic. As Chesterton said, people who believe in nothing will believe in anything.

  6. Re: Manners. I used to take the bus to work every day. I noticed that seat "assignments" on the bus are now by race rather than gender. A black person regardless of sex will not give up their seat to somebody with a cane or crutch who is obviously having difficulty as a strap hanger.