01 October 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

10 Things Catholics Should Know about the New Mass Translation. . .we've been using the new translation for about month here in the U.K.  No exploding heads, no pew riots, no increase in domestic violence, no cats and dogs sleeping together. . . IOW, none of the disasters predicted by the dino-left.

(NB.  One criticism of the new setting for the Gloria. . .it's almost unsingable. Every time we've tried it here, it's pretty much been a disaster.)

The probability of you existing is about as close to zero as you get!

Reason #6,589,362 to dissolve the U.N. and use that ugly building in NYC as storage.

The South will rise again!  "Americans, black and white alike, are moving in record numbers to a part of the country where taxes are low, unions are irrelevant, and people love their guns and their faith."

Christian pastor condemned to die in Iran b/c he refuses to recant his faith.  (NB.  The B.O. White House has denounced the sentence.  Score one for B.O.!)

P.C. multi-cultism ain't the future:  "Vigilant Americans must restore the founders’ vision before multiculturalism forever eclipses our last vestiges of liberty."
Speaking of P.C. multi-cultism:  more evidence that our universities have become "nurseries of nonsense." 
Very interesting. . .though I don't plan on getting arrested anytime soon, if I do I'll remember to keep my big mouth shut.

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  1. If you can't find someone willing to give you 2,684,999:1 odds against you existing, then you might suspect there's something fishy about that probability article.

  2. new setting for the Gloria.

    If you refer to the Chant-like setting, it's an imitation of the Ambrosian Chant version of the Gloria.

    The biggest obstacle for most Catholics is that the setting(s) are text-driven, not meter-driven. So if you're at home with Gregorian Chant, this is not a problem.

    But if you're used to Western music written since about 1500, it's going to be a challenge.

  3. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I heard my first head explode. Today, during Sunday school before Mass, I happened upon a classroom where the deacon was explaining the new translation and how it is more in line with the Latin. Later, an older woman was leaving the class passing me by and I overheard her saying, "If this comes up, I'll go somewhere else.", and "I come to church to have a relationship with God, not talk in a language I don't understand."

    The problem? The Gloria refrain is sung in Latin. Got that? ONE refrain in the entire Mass is actual Latin (and half of it is something that should be familiar from the Christmas carol), and the world is ending. My goodness.