13 March 2011

Didn't work as a homily (UPDATED)

I wrote "Thanking the Devil" in Feb of 2009 while in Rome.  It wasn't written as a homily, more of a reflection.  It got a lot of good feedback in 2009, so I decided to repost it for the 2011 Lenten season.

Then I decided to preach it at this morning's Mass.

It didn't really work as a homily.  Wonder why?

I will try it again at tonight's Mass. . .maybe there was something wonky in the delivery.

UPDATE:  tried "Thanking the Devil" again at the 5.00pm Mass.  Worked much better.  It was the delivery at the a.m. Mass.  

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  1. Father,it worked for me at 10:30 Mass...some of us discussed it after Mass!

  2. Clay, I'm glad to hear it! I thought it pretty much bombed. . .

  3. Father the only problem with thanking the devil is that I'm having a regular conversation with him.
    Just kidding