15 March 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing (Verbose Edition)

On the way to my grandfather's funeral, I caught a report on NPR about the O'Keefe sting on two of the organization's execs.  The reporter claimed that the vid as presented was "deceptively edited."  This is the meme making the rounds to discredit the vid.  Well, not so much, really.

BXVI urges priests to preach on uncomfortable topics.  I agree.  However, he should've added:  Catholics, be charitable to your pastor when he preaches on uncomfortable topics!  Most priests I know simply avoid any kind of controversy in the pulpit b/c it ain't worth the resulting storm.

Pray for the Japanese people:  thorough reporting on the earthquake and flooding in Sendai.  I had to stop watching the vids. . .the destruction is heartbreaking.  If you find any news about the fate of ancient Buddhist/Shinto temples in the disaster area, let me know.

B.O.:  He's in over his head and he knows it.  The Mid-east is in flames with riots and revolution.  The E.U. is on the verge of financial collapse.  The U.S. is on the verge of financial collapse.  Japan and NZ are suffering from earthquakes, tidal waves, and several nuclear disasters. . .and The One is focused like a laser on gay "marriage" and gun control.

"Financial martial law". . .the temptation to go this route is nearly irresistible. . .but my moderately libertarian bones tell me that it's a really bad idea.

Another lefty P.C. effort to weaken our military

Green for thee, but not for me.  Not in My Backyard.

Ivy League universities don't produce better workers.  My dissertation director--a two-time Ivy Leaguer--told me once that the best students across universities are pretty much the same.  I know for a fact that U.D. undergrads do more reading and writing than most Ivy Leaguers.

Oh!  If only NY would allow women and married men to work in state homes for the developmentally disabled none of this would happen!  "In 25 percent of the cases involving physical, sexual or psychological abuse, the state employees were transferred to other homes."  Sound familiar?  Maybe Catholic clergy need to form a union?

Israeli terrorist murders a family of five Palestinians in their sleep, including a 3-month baby girl.  Oh, wait.  Youtube and Facebook remove vids memoralizing the family.

Are U.S. seminarians being taught to celebrate BOTH forms of the Roman Rite?  I'd be interested in hearing from any seminarian-readers on this question.  This is really not much of an issue for Dominican students since OP's would prefer to celebrate the Dominican Rite.

You've been warned!

On getting your priorities straight during a nuclear explosion.

Oops!  Wrong choice

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  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I am finishing my studies at a college seminary in the US, and in my own experience I have found that the reluctance to incorporate the EF or the Latin Novus Ordo comes straight from the bishops. My seminary's faculty have been specifically directed by the bishops not to celebrate any Mass in Latin. They do not want their diocesan priests 'being distracted from ministry' with what they consider a side-project at best. In many dioceses (including my own, I think), bishops allow FSSP or other similar groups to have their own parish or community to take care of the faithful who feel strongly about the EF, but they do not allow their own diocesan priests to celebrate it publicly.

  2. Anon., I think you are probably right about the bishops. One thing that the Vatican needs to do better is get the word out that priests do not need their bishops' permission to celebrate the E.F. They have the permission of the Bishop of Rome.

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I know that, and I think many like-minded priests know that, but let us not overlook the importance of staying in our bishop's good graces. My bishop, at least, has bigger battles to fight. The re-introduction of the EF will happen slowly and quietly as the "Spirit of Vatican II" generation* gradually exits the stage. But I think it will happen. I am content with that.

    * By "Spirit of Vatican II generation" I mean those who incorrectly interpreted the Council to be a radical break with tradition, rather than an organic growth of it.

  4. It was Palestinian terrorists who murdered a Israeli
    family in their sleep.

  5. Tom, turn your sarcasm program back on. The "oh, wait" means that the only way this story would be reported by the MSM is if the family had been Palestinian and the terrorist Israeli.