17 March 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Jesus gave Judas communion. . .yea, but Judas wasn't the cause of public scandal.

Trial judge warns "fact-finders" to be wary of dissident Catholic groups and doctrines.  Though I agree with the judge's sentiment, it makes me very nervous that a judge would decide what's orthodox for the Church.

The Curt Jester notes Catholic Media Promotion Day!  An extensive list of Catholic media outlets on line.

The record on how the B.O. administration kept an illegal alien in the country and how that illegal killed a nun.

L.A.'s religious education convention begins this weekend.  Now that Archbishop Gomez is in charge, can we expect this event be slightly less scandalous than it has been in the past? 

Five myths about atheists.  Numbers 1 and 4 are particularly interesting to me as a Dominican.  Aquinas understood that non-Christians would not accept the Bible or Church authority as guarantors of the truth of an argument's premises.  That's a large part of what motivated him to make monotheism philosophically palatable.  But arguments alone are never enough!  (H/T:  Curt Jester)

Warning:  check your kid's homework before it's turned in to the teacher!

Still prefer the term "gravitationally enhanced."

I think I saw this sign in Jackson, MS on my way to the delta.

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