18 March 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Public Union Thuggery in WI:  a compilation. Crickets chirping at ABC-CBS-CNN-NBC-NPR-PBS-NYT, etc.  Warning:  the language from some of these school teachers in the vids is NSFW.

U.S. prepares to bomb Arab dictator who's oppressing his people.  Can B.O. tell us why dropping bombs on Hussein was horrible, but dropping bombs on Gaddafi is just dandy? Let the rhetorical circus begin. . .this oughta be good.

Monk vs. Psychic!  Bulgaria heats up over age-old grudge match btw Orthodox Church and goofy New Age nonsense.  NB.  the Reuters reporter thinks it's necessary to tell us that the monk is from an "all male Orthodox monastic community."  Duh.

Message from the USCCB:  New Ways Ministry ain't Catholic.  Also, NWM receives lots of $$$ from anti-Christian hate group, the Arcos Foundation.

Debunking the "Gospel Conspiracy" theory. . .this monster pokes its multi-heads out of its cave every Lenten/Holy Week/Easter season.

Inevitable:  Lent and the Zombie Apocalypse!  It had to be done. . .it just did.

No, Pope Paul VI did not ignore the recommendations of his birth control commission.

Deconstructing the grand jury report on clerical abuse in Philadelphia.  Looks like a lot of that report is hogwash, rehashed hogwash.

MSM ignores the good work of faith-based relief organizations in Japan.  Apparently, only gov't agencies are worthy of praise from our Media Betters.

This is funny.  Don't know why.

Vegan Zombies. . .annoying you even after death.

Disco elevator. . .'nuff said.

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  1. I so enjoyed the disco elevator. I love it when people do harmlessly ridiculous things.