14 February 2011

On strokes and MRI's (UPDATED)

Prayers, please. . .

Had a weird episode during Mass last Thursday.  It was sort of like a mini-blackout.  I did the fraction rite and went right to the priest's communion, skipping over everything in between.  I realized the omission only after giving communion to the servers.  Took me a second to recover.  After I got back home, the right side of my face, my right arm and hand were tingly/numb.  My BP was extremely high.  

Anyway, the tingling/numbness stayed with me all weekend, though just barely noticeable.  Went to see my doc this morning and he ruled out a bleeder-stroke but not a TIA.  He also wants me tested for MS.  Ugh.

Off for an MRI this afternoon and an ultrasound tomorrow.  

UPDATE:  A biblical image for you. . .two nurses trying to stuff me into an MRI machine. . .camel through the eye of a needle?  Yup.  Had to reschedule to use the Big Boy Machine.  

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  1. praying..........

  2. Sending prayers.

  3. GirlCanChant2:07 PM

    Good luck, Fr. Philip. I will pray for you at Novena tonight.

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Not been here before, but will pray, most assuredly, for you.

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Got rear-ended myself last Thursday morning and ended up with mild whiplash and a peculiar neurological artifact: I developed a stutter that lasted all through the weekend. Made serving the Liturgy and preaching a real trial. I made jokes about being "Porky Priest," but the trip to the ER looking for ruptured arteries in my head was nothing short of scary. God preserve you through your tests, and expect that they won't tell you everything before they do it to you. (If they mention "contrast dye" ask exactly what it is going to feel like so you're not surprised like I was...)
    --Fr Michael Butler (Orthodox)

  6. Get well soon and watch to B/P and salt and NOLA food is good but salt is high. Carbs lower them. I am paramedic and had a TIA like event it was scared the .... Out of me. But be safe and get to Blessed Selos soon. Your are a priest not MD but you do have the divine physician on your side.

  7. You've got 'em, Father.

  8. Good gracious, Fr. Philip! :\ Please keep us updated. You're in my prayers!

  9. fr. Dismas, OP9:31 PM

    Praying for you, bro! Get well soon!

  10. Sharon11:54 PM

    Father, I will keep you in my prayers. Let us know how you are faring.

  11. AHEM!!!!

    you didn't mention the BLACKOUT when you asked me about numbness to your face and hand.

    rather forgetting the most important part of the picture there FATHER!!

  12. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Dear Claire,

    We will be praying for Fr. Philip. Thanks for asking.

    May I ask for prayers for my dear only brother who is always in great pain. He has been fighting colon cancer, Parkinson disease and related aspects of these. He is a good man - a daily communicant before he got ill. Also, when he was in politics and the question of abortion came up he said he would not touch abortion in any way - he lost the election. He has been a Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus and worked hard to promote good morals and help for the poor. When he was major of his town, he paid the heat bill of a poor family who would otherwise have no heat.

    Well, that sounds a bit much, I must agree, but please pray that he will be cured of some of his great physical pain.

    Many thanks, Sr. Joan

  13. You're now in my rosary intentions, Father. You have no idea how helpful your homilies and reflections on life as a Dominican have been for me as I ponder a vocation. It's good to know there are still priests around who are willing to fight for the Church.


  14. Have you seen this?

    still praying ....

  15. If this happen again and it last about 10-15 minutes or so. Get to an ER asap and with in a less than 3 hours. The medic