16 February 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Nice article on the Vatican's astronomer. . .

More adolescent clerical attention-seeking behavior.  The only reason for a priest to do something like this is to draw attention to himself.  He'll have a book out next month and then start making the Heretic Circuit (Call to Action, VOTF, etc.).

LifeSiteNews (a pro-life site based in Canada) is being sued by a dissident priest.  This lawsuit probably wouldn't make it very far in the U.S. legal system, but Canada's system is stacked with anti-Catholic ideologues and anti-free speech activists who hide behind "hate crime" laws.

What church-burnings, executions of Christians, and Muslim rage at Christian evangelization tells us about Islam.

Abuse scandals continue to roll out in Philly.  I would comment on this crisis, but what I have to say is not only not fit for a Christian blog but it would probably get me silenced as well.  And deservedly so.

Lefty website goes on a racist rant against conservative black politician, Herman Cain.

It's the spoons that done made me fat!  

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