15 February 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Controversy Italian-style over the modernist tilt in new church designs.  The Church of Jesus the Redeemer in Modena, Italy is taking the brunt of the attack.   Ugly, yes.  But much, much better than some of the "Social Security Office" styles I've seen in the US.

Here's another church targeted for criticism.  The Borg has landed in Italy!  Take a minute or two to look around this guy's site.  His religious designs are indistinguishable from his secular designs.

Mysterious manuscript written in an untranslatable code dated to the 15th century.  You just know that some stoner grad student spent a weekend doodling nonsense on his roomie's last pack of parchment paper, knowing that centuries later we'd be trying to figure it all out.

The definition of regret:  Shirley Sherrod sues Andrew Breitbart.  Shirley's phone has been ringing off the wall with calls from D.C.  "Drop this suit!"

BOO!  Is the "Spirit of Vatican Two" is waning?  Yes.  Deo gratis.  The "rebellion in the nursing home" that erupted (?) last week in Germany can be counted as one of the last sighs of the '68 generation in the Church.  Again, Deo gratis.

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  1. Fr Anthony5:25 PM

    I love the comments by Peter Seewald.
    Absolute classic lines:
    "a rebellion in the nursing home"
    "chief priests of the Zeitgeist".

  2. Those pictures in the last link are actually of a station near Yokohama in Japan called "Sakuragicho" Not Hiroshima. Hiroshima is nicer than Detroit, don't get me wrong, but pictures of Hiroshima those are not.

  3. I love Barbie's reactment of her favorite scene in Dexter. :-D ROFL!