19 February 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Unions protest for democracy in WI but actively work against democracy in their own ranks.

The New Civility?  WI teachers lead by example.  I'd really like to know if any of these placards make it onto any major MSM news show.  If not, then we know why the MSM has become largely irrelevant. 

Milwaukee archbishop backs unions?  Hmmmm. . .looks like the good archbishop is failing to distinguish between private sector and public sector unions.  

TN legislative cmte approves bill that will break the teachers' union ability to bargain collectively.  Excellent move!  Collectivism of any kind ultimately punishes individual talent and rewards individual irresponsibility. Is there a better example of this than the public school system?

At UC-Davis "religious discrimination" is defined as "Christians oppressing non-Christians."  By definition, Christians cannot be discriminated against.  This reminds me of a time when a friar told me that whites cannot be discriminated against b/c they are white!

Can Catholics lie in order to expose corrupt organizations like Planned Parenthood?  Shea does an excellent job of parsing all the distinctions and splitting all the right hairs.  Bottom-line:  lying is always a sin.  But there are levels of culpability.  

CARA report confirms what most of us what known for some time:  religious congregations that maintain basic Catholic traditions (habit, community prayer, devotions, etc) are growing rapidly.

Aussie priests threaten to boycott the new translations of the Missal.  Isn't it strange that those who push and push and push for change are so hind-bound and stubborn when it comes to change they don't like.

Why you shouldn't take your husband shopping with you

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  1. We are always being told how we need big government to protect the small folk but now we are told that we need govt unions to protect them from the big (evil?) govt.

    As for lying to PP, there is a difference between lying as we know it from the 8th Commandment and a decption. Should we condemn a German person in the '30s because he said he didn't know where the Jewish people were hiding? I think not. It is amazing how these "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good" types are so horrified about lying in these PP videos!!!

  2. Sharon9:06 PM

    I can only hope that informed conscience wouldn't permit me to betray Jews or any people who were being persecuted. If we enter into dhimitude I hope that I will have the courage to hide homosexuals and others persecuted.