15 November 2010

Sr. Mary Joseph of the Five Wounds gets frisked

Drudge Report caption:  "The Terrorists Have Won!"

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  1. Desensitizing citizens to being treated by authorities like criminals is the main goal. The two options (nude photo or groin touch) break the 4th Amendment: "against unreasonable searches"

  2. They are wasting their time. Everybody knows that a nun's weapon of choice is a ruler.

    Seriously now, am I the only one to notice that those defending the scanners/pat downs used to be outraged when we started taking our shoes off?

  3. LOL! Mr. Flapatap's comment "ruler" is great!

    But it all happens so fast, that it's all done before I can get the word "what?" out of my mouth.

  4. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Mr. Flapatap - for what it's worth, I am still bothered by the requirement to take off shoes. It feels somewhat humiliating to have to walk through a scanner in bare feet!

  5. Out of consideration for the poor TSA agents who served my tiny regional airport, I stopped wearing a cassock and cross when I flew. This was in 2002. The poor guys knew me, knew I wasn't a terrorist but still had to follow the rules.

    Now I wear a clerical collar. Once I was pulled out of line and was being frisked. There I am standing with my arms outstretched being patted down. On my right a man who was also being patted down looked over at me and began to laugh.

    I admit it, I shot him a look that really ought to have killed him. Thankful looks can't kill and he quickly apologized. He then went on to explain that he was an FBI agent and he found this situation absolutely ridiculous. To prevent a terrorist attack the "TSA was searching a priest and a federal agent."

    In Christ,

    Fr Gregory Jensen

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    When will they get to rectal and vaginal examinations?

  7. Anonymous5:21 AM

    The picture of one of our spiritual mothers, complete in her appropriate garb, being examined by a woman in Muslim garb, is the ultimate indignity.