20 November 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Getting us used to the idea of shutting down websites by going after "copyright infringement."  How long before some gov't agency decides that criticism of the governing party violates "intellectual property rights"?

The train of Eric Holder's DoJ is just starting to wreck with the recent Gitmo detainee verdict.

I would rather be sent to the Sudan as a door-to-door Bible salesman than work for the TSA.  I feel sorry for the screeners.  They are doing the job they've been given.  It's Big Sis who needs to be encouraged to explore alternative career options.

Remember this if you're flying over the holidays:  it's the dumb TSA rules that are causing the problems NOT the screeners.

Case in point:  Muslim women may be exempted from airport body searches.  Yea, that'll work.

A solution to the sex abuse crisis:  "Fidelity, fidelity, fidelity."  When the scandal reached its peak in 2002, self-appointed Prophets of Church Reform didn't want the crisis to go to waste.  Calls for radical restructuring of Church governance rang throughout the land.  But here's the problem:  had the priests and bishops who caused the scandal actually followed Church teaching there would have been no abuse, no cover-ups, no crisis.

How to fix US airport security. . .unfortunately, we would never follow these suggestions b/c someone might sue.  We can't allow anyone to feel singled out.

Redneck wedding chaos. . .um, those cops need some training on how to deescalate a potentially violent situation.  Screaming hysterically "CALM DOWN!!!" just doesn't work.  

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  1. with all due respect Father.

    I do agree that the flight attendant and cancer survivor has no valid complaint against the TSA. They patted her down, felt something unreal and asked her to show them what it was. She removed and showed it to them...all in a private room with two female agents. To me that's no harm no foul.

    However, I don't think referring to her as "Big Sis" is exactly...um...appropriate. (maybe I'm seeing something that you don't intend there....but it sounds bad, if you know what I mean)

  2. MM, "Big Sis" refers to Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, as in Big Brother except she's a woman. :-)

  3. Aaahhhhhh I see. My apologies.