16 November 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Professional cheaters:  custom essay writing companies do a booming business.  I was once offered $300 in grad school to write a paper for a fellow student in our critical theory seminar.  I turned it down.  Even Marxist-feminists can have a conscience!

Using the internet to plagiarize is all too common.  One problem for professors is the huge amount of relevant material available to students on the internet.  There's simply no way for profs to keep up with everything available in their respective fields.  One solution is to assign highly specific topics on a limited range of material.  This is where U.D.'s penchant for asking "what does the text say?" comes in very handy.

Great American Spirit at work!  The kid who was told he couldn't fly an American flag on his bike gets the support of hundreds. . .all with flags on their bikes. 

Parish surveys instead of a homily?  NO.  Nothing should take the place of the homily at Mass.  Not capital fund appeals.  Not announcements.  Not lay-led meditations.  Nothing.  If the bishop is asking the pastor to read a fundraising letter, then it can be read before Mass begins.  Annoying, I know.  But replacing the homily with mundane parish business diminishes preaching by presenting the homily as dispensable.

Rainbow Sash Movement endorses Bishop Kicanas for USCCB president.  I doubt the good bishop sought this endorsement, but the fact that this dissident group thinks the bishop would make a good president of our nation's episcopal conference should cause the voting bishops pause.

Even the Europeans are starting to see the error of Big Gov't.

Charlie "I Don't Come Cheap" Rangel (D-NY) convicted of 11 ethical violations

"Why Marxism Always Fails". . .socialism requires a culturally homogeneous society whose citizens are willing and able to become wards of the State.  Inevitably, socialist societies quash natural human instincts like the desire to better oneself, a longing for the transcendent, and the need to individualize--all b/c these traits fail to reinforce dependency on the State.

Mark Shea on being an orthodox Catholic opponent of torture.  I join The Church's Yeti of the Northwest in his crusade against torture; or rather, he and I join the Church's crusade against torture.  Say it with me now:  "Utilitarianism is NOT and will NEVER be part of Catholic orthodoxy."

Take the Zombie Survival Quiz.  I got an "A."  Was there any doubt?

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  1. That zombie quiz was stupid. Being a zombie isn't the result of some far fetched "virus", it's the state of a living human body functioning without an inhabiting soul.

  2. But how would a human body remain functioning without the soul? It would require an animating agent. In all likelihood a virus would be the most logical thing to accomplish reanimation as it has the ability to rewrite genetic code and thereby change the functionality of human cells.

  3. templariidvm6:16 PM

    As much as Mark is right regarding the point that torture is immoral, he goes off the deep end in his rant. Generalizations and poor sources will always lead to poor conclusions. Also, all of us "on the right" do not support torture. That does not mean that his rant is well reasoned or informed, though.If he wants to stay a frequently visited blog, he might refrain from lashing around striking whatever he can. Reason often works best.

  4. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Torture is immoral. Fine. But waterboarding is not torture. That's what this whole thing is all about.

  5. Anonymous9:02 PM

    re: Calvin and Hobbes.
    I confess to doing something similar on a high school history exam. We were to write an essay comparing Frederick the Great to a contemporary ruler with respect to the characteristics of a benevolent despot. I could do Frederick and benevolent despot, but, having forgotten the test was that day, I hadn't read the chapter and wasn't up to speed on his contemporaries.
    If only I hadn't read that fascinating article on Margaret Thatcher during breakfast, then I might have started on my history. Hmm. Margaret Thatcher is my contemporary. The test doesn't specify whose contemporary. Hmm. We have a sub. Raise my hand, ask "HIS contemporary or OURS". Several heads go up in interest. Sub doesn't know. I got an A and the comment "You knew very well what I meant."
    My second son, who learned to read because I wouldn't spend hours reading Calvin and Hobbes to him, frequently tries that kind of thing. He gets told 'Your intelligent enough to know what we meant."