14 November 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Holy Father rattles the liturgical cages of Italy's bishops.  Of all the bishops' conferences in the Church, the Italian conference has been the most stubborn about accepting BXVI's liturgical vision.

Church of England clergy turn to Mother Church. . .that sound you hear is Henry VIII spinning in his grave.

B.O. allows 110 companies to opt-out of ObamaCare, including a health-care reform group that supported his "reform."  Check out the list on the link.  NB. the number of unions that received waivers. 

On wearing the Roman collar. . .if you want to start an argument among religious, ask:  when should the habit be worn in public?  Answers will most likely divide along generational lines.  The younger the religious, the more likely he/she will say, "All the time."

Folding furniture for those tiny apartments. 

Men vs. Women jokes.  NB.  only men may click this link.

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  1. Re wearing the Roman collar and habits: at our chapter retreat the day I made my perpetual profession as a lay Dominican, Fr. Serpa talked about Catholic identity, and the importance of the habit in witnessing to the Gospel. He told a wonderful story about a couple of Dominican sisters who walked into an adult bookstore in full habit. Pandemonium ensued. Guys dove for cover, and tried to hide behind their brown paper wrappers, and the owner tried to talk the sisters out of being in the store. The sisters said they were in the field of children's education, and decided to branch out into adult education. When they asked the owner what benefits his business contributed to the community, he couldn't give them an answer.

    Wouldn't be surprised if that adult bookstore is now closed.

  2. No Lame-Duck?

    Umnnnhhh...given that only Congress has the power to declare war...

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    The habit is a sacramental that always draws minds and hearts to Christ. Even enemies of the Church are reminded of Christ when they see the habit, and who knows where the Holy Spirit will go in the person's life built upon that reminder. All of the intra-arguments among priests and Sisters have absolutely no interest to the laity (full habit or short habit? high Anglican-lloking collar or regular-looking clergy shirt with tab collar?, habit/robe for men or collar and suit? Original nuns' veil or modernized one with hair showing?). What it comes down to as far as the laity are concerned is does Father wear a collar and does Sister wear a veil? These signs are sacramentals; they have the power to draw souls to Christ simply by being seen. Why in the world would a consecrated person choose not to carry about that image when in public? Seems like it would be even more important to wear the "habit" in public than in the monastery despite the fact that the opposite seems to be the prevailing custom. No?