03 October 2010


I managed to dodge any terrorists who were lying in wait btw Oxford and Rome!

There was a 20something Middle Eastern guy sitting across from me on the plane.  I didn't think much about it 'til I noticed Arabic script tatooed on his arms.  That made me just a little twingy.  Then I noticed that he was wearing a band new Ramones tee-shirt! 

My laptop had to be reconfigured for internet access at Blackfriars, so it is not configured for the Angelicum network. . .which means who knows how long it will be before regular posting begins again. 

Anyway. . .mille grazie for the prayers!

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  1. Fr Philip,

    If you have a Mac you can set up different networking profiles called "locations", so that when you are in places which demand their own settings (like Blackfriars, the Angelicum, Texas etc) instead of having to set each up anew every time you just set each up once and then switch between them as needed.

    If you don't have a Mac, there may be something comparable on Windows... though I admit I've never seen it myself.

  2. Thanks, Stella...I managed to hit enough keys in the right order to get the thing working.