05 October 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing (is back!)

Ladies and Gents, I give you the secular wisdom of England's Brights. . .when you don't believe in God it is much, much easier to pretend to be one yourself.

More on those terrorists threats/warnings for Americans living in Europe.  I'm gonna ask Mama Becky for a .38 holster for Christmas. . .Santa will bring the .38.

. . .and a warning about Islamic ideology:  Islam is more than a religion; it's a political revolution.

Tea Party produces video that depicts the murder of children, grandmothers, teachers who disagree with their small gov't/fiscally conservative philosophy.  GOP and other groups affiliated with the T.P. largely silent.  Oh, wait. . .

Final exam or no final exam?  I've been teaching college students for almost 25 years.  Lots of lessons learned in that time.  Probably the most important lesson:  exams do not work.  In my courses at U.D., I give students five comprehensive essay questions one week before the scheduled exam period.  On exam day, I randomly assign each student a question.  Students report that they spend more time studying for this sort of exam precisely b/c they know what to study.  I absolutely hate GOTCHA exams!  Oh, and "hoop jumping" exams are worse. . .

And speaking of loathsome academic practices. . .students are given class credit for attending that Lefty rally in D.C.   Did Beck have to bribe people to attend his rally?

ACORN nemesis, James O'Keefe issues a statement on the CNN "prank" that has him roasting over conservative coals. 

The truth about birthdays:  a somewhat cynical view.

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  1. How about fill in the blank and I'm naming 7 things 3of them have some totally random obscure fact that more or less make them groupable you must say which 3 what the fact is and how it makes them a group- must read the profs mind to pass exams??

    Ps I'm not making any of that up.

  2. My favorite exams, as a lit major, were usually the "take-home" ones. You can't cheat on a lit exam, anyway, and it's often helpful to have the book with you so that if you need to remember the squire's first wife's grandaughter's cousin's name in order to make some witty point, you don't have to blow the whole thing by writing "Dolly" when she was actually called "Dulcie," or something.

    But one prof. gave me my favorite. He wrote: "A good grasp of the material covered in this class will enable you to ask intelligent questions about the material. Create five intelligent questions, and then answer one of them in a full essay."

    Best. Final. Ever.