05 October 2010

Par lay voo fron-say?

Aight. . .the French exam is done! 

I got a paragraph from Merleau-Ponty's essay, "Cezanne's Doubt."  It was slightly less convoluted that the Descartes passage from June but still a challenge to translate in 30 minutes. 

I looked up a published English translation and my poor attempt at rendering the French. . .well, leaves something to be desired.

Many thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. 

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  1. Well, now you can check this off your list.

  2. Fra., only IF I passed. . .this time.

  3. Don't assume that all published translations are that reliable . . . if in doubt, look at this morning's translation (in The Divine Office) of the reading from S. Ignatius of Antioch, and compare it with the orginal in Liturgia Horarum . . .
    I'm sure that the purpose of the exam was to see whether you could produce an accurate translation, not a literary one : and I'm quite sure you did.

  4. One of the big problems with the PUST description of the requirements is that it assumes everyone doing the license/PhD completed a pontifical B.A. The American/UK academic system is very, very different and the terms/processes do not translate easily.