03 October 2010

Commies and unions and Marxists, oh my!

Finished packing and now waiting for Lauds. . .I ran across a lot of blog coverage of the Lefty rally in D.C. yesterday.  Here's a link for good pics of the participants, including socialists, communists, Black Panthers, slavery-reparationists, American flag desecrators, assorted anti-family groups, lots of union people, lots and lots of anti-Tea Party folks.  
N.B.  1). the trash they left behind for real workers to clean up and 2) the sheer inanity of the signs.  My fav:  "More Education Means Less Republicans!"  Um, that's fewer Republicans, Einstein.  

Check here for a comparison btw the cleanliness of the Beck Rally and the trash heaps left by the Left.   Very, very telling.

Heh. . .Gateway Pundit caught C-SPAN using a photo from Glenn Beck's rally in a story about the Lefty rally.  Good catch. 

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