10 September 2010

Tea Mug Browsing

On not spending $40K a year to get a degree in Gender Studies.  As a holder of several degrees in "useless majors" (philosophy, history, English, and theology), I can attest to the wisdom of both a liberal arts education and the need to spend your young adult years studying more practical subjects (NB.  my first major was International Banking!).  However, some of us simply aren't made for the practical world. . .ya know, where math and stuff is required. . .

On the persistence of Presidential petulance: "Messianic disappointment with an unappreciative lesser world can explain a lot."

The Ground Zero Mosque imam:  Making us move the mosque will increase threats to US national security.  Ummmm. . .veiled threats to our national security will not garner you much sympathy.

Another one of our Black Robed Masters orders us to do what's best for us.  NB.  the DoJ did nothing more to defend the law than present its legislative history, i.e. they called no witnesses, produces no evidence, made no arguments.

Wonder how many stories we will see about this revelation in the MSM:  Castro admits that communism/socialism has failed in Cuba.

LA cathedral will the site for the campaign kick-off of CA's pro-abortion/pro-gay "marriage" Democrats.   In all of CA, is there no where else for them to go?  Surely, the Vulcan Princess statue (a.k.a, the Blessed Mother) will be frowning.

This is why you shouldn't play with Ouija boards. . .

Fido just finished watching Inception. . .he'll never be the same.

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  1. Gregg the Obscure10:00 AM

    Some time ago I wrote a set of directions for a complex task that I perform at work - the directions included a few instances of "N.B.". Sure enough, this spring I was ill and unable to work for several weeks, so a colleague had to follow the directions. Bless her heart, she said she thought the directions were very clear and she especially liked the "no-brainers".

  2. Yet, you have to agree with the imam that there would indeed be a violent reaction by Muslims around the world. Not that it makes it a good argument for his cause.

    At the same time, I'd rather live with his grandstanding than with the precedent of the state determining which religious leader is radical and which temple may be built and where.

  3. Anent "Castro Admits...."

    Unnoticed by the Press, several dozen Jesuits assumed a permanent fetal position on reading that story.

  4. Always love your pics