11 September 2010

Fresh new faces!

This year (and probably the next) the Southern Province and Western Province of the Dominican friars in the USA will share a novitiate at St Dominic's in San Francisco.  The SDP elected its newly appointed novice master as Prior Provincial back in June, thus leaving us w/o a trained novice master.

The novices of the Southern and Western Dominican Provinces. . .

(L-R):  fras. Juan de la Caridad (SDP), Thomas More (SDP), Bradley Thomas (WDP), 
Kevin (WDP), and Dennis (WDP).

Br. Thomas More Barba (a.k.a. Rudy Barba) is a former student of mine at U.D., and he served in Campus Ministry as my intern for a year.  Unfortunately, I do not know the other novices. . .yet!

Please keep this young OP's in your prayers. . .

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  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Not sure how to email you - thought you might like this new blog: http://extra-ordinarymonkeys.blogspot.com/

    Dominicans are mentioned here: http://extra-ordinarymonkeys.blogspot.com/2010/09/seattle-is-bad_05.html

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this mean that the Southern Province and Western Province have a combined 5 novices while the Eastern Provence has 21 novices?

    Do you have any thoughts as to why there would be such a disparity?

  3. Wow! Awesome news! I wish this was available to me back in 2002!

  4. Joseph, by the end of my novitiate year (99-00), the SDP had 14 novices and the East had none.

    These things go up and down all the time.

    The EDP is twice the size of any other American province. It is older, richer, has several "feeder colleges" for vocations, etc. Lots of resources--human and otherwise.

    They also have the beautiful House of Studies in D.C. and several excellent profs there.

    For me, the bottom-line is: the more OP's the better!

  5. Wonderful to see Br. Thomas More was not so scarred by 8am liturgy classes afterall. ;-) Congratulations to the Dominicans!

  6. Father, that picture looks like it was taken at St. Albert's Priory in Oakland. I got to visit St. Albert's for the Lay Provincial Council Meeting in July. It is awesome.

    And Br. Thomas More Barba, by taking the name of St. Thomas More, boosts his coolness quotient by a factor of ten!

  7. Scarred?! He turned his seminar paper for that class into his senior theology thesis. He looks perfectly natural in that habit. . .I must say.