07 September 2010

More on our new Master

In case you are one of the three Catholics in the US who do not read Whispers in the Loggia, I've reposted below Rocco's post on the new Master of the Order of Preachers, Fr. Bruno Cadore.  I'm reposting the whole thing b/c I can't figure out how to link to the post from WITL!

For the OP's, an MD

For the 290th time, one of the church's most storied religious communities convened in General Chapter last week in Rome… and early this morning saw the highlight of the Dominicans' signal gathering: the election of a new Master of the Order, the ballot going to the French provincial, Fr Bruno CadorĂ©, who now becomes the 86th successor of St Dominic.

A medical doctor by (secular) profession, the 56 year-old friar (shown above left after his election) succeeds the Argentinian Carlos Azpiroz Costa, who maintained the order's longstanding tradition of handing over the reins after one nine-year term [The Master's term used to be 12 yrs.]. Warmly hailed among his fans as a "stellar leader," Azpiroz's tenure was arguably overshadowed on the wider scene by the profile of his predecessor, the celebrated Englishman Timothy Radcliffe, who memorably declared on departing the post that "after nine years as a Jack of all trades and Master of the Dominican Order, I have no expertise on anything except airports and exotic foods." [Back in 2003, I once bumped into Fr. Radcliffe at 4am leaving his room here at Blackfriars with a couple of suitcases.  He was off--again!--on some whirlwind international lecture tour.  I said to him, "Remind me to never become a former Master of the Order!"]

The new Master inherits a community of some 7,000 men in 88 countries, who work in apostolates ranging from parishes to the Papal Palaces and, of course, the classroom -- its hallmark mission-field -- with the order either providing campus ministry at or operating hundreds of universities worldwide. Held every three years, the current Chapter has outlined its work in four questions on its mission, with an eye to the 800th anniversary of the order's confirmation by Pope Honorius III come 2016.

This year likewise marks the 500th anniversary of the Dominican presence in the Americas… and appropriately enough, the community's East Coast province recently made a splash by welcoming its largest novice class in almost a half-century.

Back at the Chapter, meanwhile, it's been nearly three decades since a Master of the Order hailed from French roots.

NB.  That's the Rev. Br. Lawerence Lew, OP with the new Master.  Br. Lawrence is in Rome, serving as one of the Chapter's chroniclers.

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  1. The Master also inherits some 3,000 nuns in 250 monasteries.
    But as usual that is overlooked!

    Zenit-french had a news story on our new Master but Zenit-English doesn't seem to think the newly elected head of the Dominican Order is newsworthy.

    So far, no major Catholic news in the US has reported on it which is strange considering that the US is where the Dominicans are growing right now

  2. The Master also inherits Dominican Laity from all over the world! Probably the most numerous (especially in Asia), and largely the most overlooked. We report directly to him and via the Promoter General, David Kammler.