24 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Democrat John Kerry parks his multi-million dollar yacht in RI in order to avoid paying MA taxes. . .and the Dems wonder why there's so much resentment against their redistributive tax policy.

Heh. . .looks like the federal judge hearing B.O.'s suit against AZ anti-illegal immigration law is asking the DoJ some tough questions.

VA Dem Jim Webb pens a piece of lefty heresy:  the days of affirmative action/diversity programs are over.  The impatient crowd awaits the thunk of the axe and the bounce of his head down the gallows' steps.  

If you have an interest in Supreme Court church/state jurisprudence and the interpretative history of the mythical "wall of separation," you might like this book.  By reviewing notes, journal entries, and personal correspondence, the author attempts to demonstrate that the justices who invented the Wall used cherry-picked historical evidence in order to promote a pre-determined outcome.  

A question about the Harry Potter books and a lively discussion in the com box.  Yours truly participates.  The Devil tempts us to overestimate his power over us. . .that way, when we sin we can blame it on him. 

Liberal media fascists call for a gov't crackdown on blogs/media that they don't like.  Ah, for the good ole days of classical liberalism among our Enlightened Elite. 

One mean kung-fu throw!

My dad and younger brother would run over people to get to WalMart for one of these.

On the importance of not living life metaphorically.

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  1. It appears to me that the problem with blogging is not that people are allowed to write things that might be untrue, but that people (including news media professionals) believe what is written without checking it out.