21 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Remember that black USDA official who was caught on tape confessing at a NAACP meeting that she didn't help a farmer b/c he was white?  She was forced to resign.  Now, it looks like an unedited version of the tape has surfaced and it supports her claim that her comments were not racist.  More evidence that the Racist Card is being used willy-nilly.

Conservative blogs are reporting on the full video and admitting that her remarks are not racist.  Compare and contrast this honest reporting to what you find in the MSM when they are caught with their pants down, e.g. Rathergate, Global Warming Scandal, the plagarized Tea Party video, etc.

BTW, the USDA official blames the NAACP for getting her fired.  Oy!

The all-white MSNBC news line-up, a vocal critic of the allegedly racist FOXNews, revamps its image to include one black woman on its logo.  At least they are listening to critics.

The MSM/State Run Media is neither mainstream nor state run.  Let's start referring to it as the One Party Media. Hmmmmm. . .

Are the police and media in France covering for militant Muslim street gangs?  The most recent "Fall of the Roman Empire" comparison. 

The Communist vs. The Wounded Marine:  an election to watch!

"A fact which cannot be changed."  USCCB comments on the recent rule change regarding how cases of the attempted "ordination" of women are handled. 

Elite colleges discriminate against Christians in admissions.  All the more reason to send your kids to colleges like the University of Dallas!

Even more reasons to send your kids to schools like the University of Dallas:  the background story on the Univ of IL's firing of a Catholic professor.  None of this surprises me at all.  Anti-Catholicism, especially in the academy, is the last acceptable prejudice.

Shameless self promotion alert:  OSV gives you a chance to nominate You Can't Leave Home Without It Catholic blog!  So far, HancAquam doesn't appear on the list (hinthint).

Oh my. . .a whole site devoted to cuteness.  I need some insulin.  Stat!

GM's 2011 model: the Obummer.  You gotta love the side view mirrors.

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  1. If Cute is getting you down, try styling.


  2. Someone did nominate you -- their annual "Catholic Guide to the Internet" is out and includes your blog under Opinion. (Mine is there as well - under Spirituality!) You are appreciated for your homilies...by a Jesuit nonetheless.

    Link to online version is here: http://www.osv.com/tabid/7621/itemid/6762/OSVs-Catholic-Guide-to-the-Internet--Readers-ch.aspx

    It's also in hard copy on a parish news stand near you, I imagine.