19 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Yawn, no surprises here.  Individual mandate to buy health insurance is a tax. . .so says B.O.   Oh, and your taxes will pay for abortions despite the 30 pieces of silver that B.O. used to buy off Stupak.  Oh, one more thing:  you probably won't be able to keep your doctor either. 

The Anchoress is a little frustrated with the Vatican's recent P.R. blunder.  Their mistake?  They issued new canonical guidelines on how the Church will handle cases of clerical sexual abuse. . .and included in the same document new rules on dealing with the attempted "ordination" of women to the priesthood.  Probably not brightest move.  The MSM has focused almost exclusively on the ordination rules. 

Mark "Scary Beard" Shea takes on the goofy meme, "Science Works, Religion Doesn't."  He addresses the incoherence of the materialists' non-definition of "religion."

Lefty propaganda outfit plagiarizes a Tea Party video to prove that the Tea Party is racist.  Wow.  That has to be the definition of desperation.

Speaking of plagiarism. . .Michael Moore, that wealthy, anti-American socialist who made his millions manipulating the capitalist markets and the truth, apparently stole a story from a Knoxville reporter.  Fortunately, for Moore, he's too big to fail.  Pun intended.

Right-wing violence:  these Tea Party radicals are getting out of control. . .er, I mean these union activists are getting out of control.  Obviously, these so-called "union goons" are really Tea Partiers dressed up in union outfits.
B.O. is shutting down blogs all over the country.  NB.  rather than attack individual blogs for abuse, the gov't shut down an entire server network, meaning some 73,000 blogs were closed. 

A review of Predators.  Let's see:  aliens (check), explosions (check), exploding aliens (check).  Yup, I'll be seeing this one.

Just call me "Joe."  How would you like to have 746 letters in your name

You might be a grad student if. . .

What do puppies, bulldozers, and Hell's Angels have in common? 

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  1. Being no fan of the Obama admin - I must say there is more to the story on the blogs being shut down. It now looks more like the ISP for the blog host went farther than the government asked them. The complaint was that some of the blogs contained bomb making and list of targets for use by Al Quaida.