23 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Heh. . .that USDA official turned out to be kinda nutty. . .I was ready to count her among the thousands of others B.O. and his "post racial" admin have thrown under the Bus of Nasty Racial Politics. 

Anglican Church giving communion to pets. . .well, it's not it's communion-communion.

Christianity on the rise in China. . .while still a Marxist-feminist Episcopagan and teaching English in China, I attended Catholic services in Beijing and Shanghai.  The churches were packed every time.  And prominently positioned in a pew:  several commie bureaucrats monitoring the event.  I wouldn't be surprised if churches in the U.S. end up with federal Diversity Officers assigned to our parishes to monitor compliance with anti-"hate speech" codes.

Training religion teachers:  "You can keep your catechism!"  In my seminary days it was a common practice among the enlightened faculty when confronted with students hungry for sound doctrine to bark out, "This isn't catechism class!"  Though true, strictly speaking, the outburst revealed a deeply planted suspicison of all things orthodox.

Context for Me but not for Thee:  Left-liberal "journalists" caught red-handed manipulating the news to elect B.O. are crying foul and claiming that their remarks are being taken out context.  Fair enough.  Let's see how concerned these folks are about context when it comes to their own reporting on political positions they disagree with

English Catholic dinosaurs will moan at the Holy Father when he visits the post-Christian nation in September.  Their burning issue?  The long settled question of women's "ordination."   Apparently the near total collapse of the Church of England over this issue has escaped their notice.  Keep hope alive!

Not only have atheists become less profound in their arguments for rejecting the existence of God, heretics have become decidedly less interesting and robust.  Sober, well-read, and intelligent atheists and heretics provide an important service to orthodox theists:  they keep us on our toes! 

Are we losing the ability to think clearly?  Probably.  I don't see much of this sort of thing at U.D., but I see a lot of it in the culture at large. 

Finally!  An explanation for that ridiculous B.O. Nobel Peace Prize.  It all makes sense now.

More mean humor directed at vegetarians.  Really, can be too much? 

Proof that Barney the Dinosaur is Satan.

Uh. . .apparently Wolverine of the X-Men is Jewish.

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