06 June 2010

Two more pics

For Moniales. . .per a request!

Fr. Alfred Wilder, Thomist philosopher-theologian of the Southern Dominican Province.  Fr. Wilder presided at the conventual Mass this morning for the last time in his 37 year teaching career here at the Angelicum.  He is headed back to the U.S. this summer.


  1. sounds like the end of an era....kinda sad.

  2. Hello Fr. Powell,

    I'm a Novice for the Province of St. Joseph. We want to make Profession cards using the above image of Dominic receiving the Rosary, and I was wondering if you had any information behind the image? Specifically, where is it, who painted it, and what it is titled?

    In SPND,
    Bro. Ignatius

    1. Bro Ignatius, that painting hangs in the chapel of the Angelicum. If you google "The Most Holy Rosary" you will find dozens of variations. I used a similar image for my priestly ordination card. Good luck.