25 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Hey whaddaya know!  That anti-illegal immigrant law in AZ succeeded in forcing B.O. to--ya know--do his job.  Note that the Left isn't calling their hero a racist or a fascist for this token move.

Two in one day. . .White House backs the Vatican's defense against spurious lawsuit.

Did porn, crystal meth, and free football tickets contribute to the BP's oil disaster?

For all my friends and fellow friars who voted for B.O. b/c they hated Bush's anti-terrorism policies and believed The One would do things differently:  secret military operations.

Are the adults in our culture finally starting to reassert their authority

"Unexpected" is the favorite adjective used by the MSM to insulate B.O. from his disastrous economic politics.  "Little noticed" is the fav adjective used by the MSM to excuse its refusal to vette ObamaCare responsibly before it was passed.

In the name of "safety," U.K. nannies limit the number of faithful who can attend Papal Masses during the Holy Father's September visit.  I hope Damien and the Catholic Herald sit on the organizing committee and pour through every decision these guys make. 

How to get more traffic on your blog:  misspell something.  I've also found that using Latin helps.  Latin geeks are compelled by Natural Law to correct one's faulty Latin grammar. 

Is this the first stage of the Coming Zombie Apocalypse? 

Bubba and the Pope

17 ways to lace up your sneakers.  The normal way of lacing up sneakers is too complicated for me.  I just wear sandals.

Lots of useful French expressions.  My fav: "Il n'y a pas de quoi fouetter un chat."  Translation: "It's no reason for whipping a cat."  NB.  some of these are R-rated.

Hilarious video of a Japanese girl scaring folks as they come through a door.  I think the reason she is scary is b/c she looks like the freaky girl from the movie, The Ring.

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  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    "Latin geeks are compelled by Natural Law to correct one's faulty Latin grammar."

    When you use bad Latin, the liberal liturgists win.

  2. Hmm... SEC watchdogs were watching porn (not the markets as much, it seems) while stock exchange melted.

    Porn="victimless crime" still work for folks?

  3. Corollary to your comment on Latin geeks: Not only are they compelled by Natural Law to pop in and correct your grammar, but as they tend to be warped by such constant hyper-vigilance, they lack humor in doing so!

    ROFL to your original comment and, by the way you owe me a new monitor. The line about whipping the cat....!