27 May 2010

Clarification on my K.C. post

There seems to be some confusion about my recent post on the Knights of Columbus controversy.  So, let's make sure my thoughts are clear. . .

The Knights of Columbus helped me pay for my novitiate medical insurance.  They contributed to several service projects I organized while at U.D.  I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Knights and their work. 

I was asked by readers to respond to a very particular question:  given the K.C.'s policy on not allowing local/state chapters to expel members who take public stands against Church teaching, should we consider resigning?

My answer was and still is:  sure, consider it. . .but stay on and fight as long as your conscience allows it.  In no way does my answer indicate a lack of respect for the Knights or an ignorance of the tremendous good that they do. 

However, if the K.C. policy is morally wrong, no amount of good work will make it right.  IOW, appeals to their long tradition of public service and dedication to the Church are irrelevant to the question of whether or not local and state chapters should be allowed to expel Knights who oppose Church teaching in ways that cause scandal. 

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  1. Thanks, Father. Your closing sentence is exactly right.

    Many Knights are working from within to ensure a consistently pro-life public witness. We're not about to give up!

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