23 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

A review of my prayer books from HancAquam reader and commenter extraordinaire, Opey124! 

Best Link Tag for a story about Sarah Palin:  "I can see November from my house!" 

The Left pitched an eight year hissy fit over "W's" alleged misuse of wire-tapping, torture, etc. in the war on terror.  B.O. has not only continued all of "W's" policies in this area, he has now authorized the assassination of American citizens w/o due process.  You will search in vain for any hissy fits pitched by the Left.

Student suspended for bringing his rosary to school.  School officials claim the beads endanger the safety of the school.  This reminds me of my CPE summer when the sisters--all Dominicans!--I worked with at SLU Hospital harassed me for wearing my habit.  They eventually convinced the hospital that religious habits are a "safety issue" and had them banned.

Does B.O. have the guts to keep us out of the E.U. Nanny state financial collapse?  I doubt it.

Deconstructing WaPo's deceptive paraphrase of TX's new curriculum standards.  You know you have won the debate when your opponent has to lie about your position in order to challenge it.  Strawmen are built for those too intellectually lazy to fight a real man.

America's new culture war:  free enterprise vs. government control

Confirmation class at an Episcopal parish compose their own versions of the Nicene Creed.  I remember doing this when I was an Episcopagan!  

Sad story about the disappearance of the Octave of Pentecost.

A heartening story about the public witness of priests in clerics and habits.  I wear my habit on the streets of Rome all the time.  I've never had anyone spit on me!  Maybe the sight of a 300lbs Dominican in full habit tweaks the survival instinct in even the most anti-clerical Roman!

(An aside:  during a UD mission trip to Lima, Peru, my students and I visited the family of one of our students.  The student's older sister was pregnant.  Before we left the apt. I asked the woman if I could bless her and her baby.  She broke into a huge smile and eagerly agreed.  Before I knew what was happening, every member of the large family was lining up for a blessing!  My student told me months later that the family had been shocked that I would offer a blessing and that they were still talking about it.  Apparently, Peruvian priests are somewhat stingy with blessings. . .)

Article on the Apostolic Visitation of U.S. sisters and nuns.  Warning:  don't read this article if you have high blood pressure.  It is stuffed with factual errors, leftist bias, and anti-Catholic venom.

The Knights of Columbus respond to criticism of their recent decision not to boot Knights who are also pro-abortion politicians. 

New English translation of the Roman Missal is a reach back into tradition.  Maybe.  It is certainly more traditional than the awful 1970 ICEL translation.  The better way to describe the new edition of the Missal is to say that it is a more faithful English translation of the Latin texts.  The theological problems inscribed in the 1970 edition start with an embedded Pelagianism.  It seems that the 1970 translators went out of their way to render out the necessity of God's grace in our growth toward holiness.

Why are Catholics staying in the Church despite the constant problems with clerical sexual abuse?  Oh, that's easy.  Because most Catholics are smart enough to distinguish between the holiness of their Church and the falleness of her clergy.  There's not a Catholic alive who can say, "I am without sin."

Cute pic of the day. . .a helping paw.

The one day you decide to drive with the top down. . .

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  1. Anonymous5:26 AM

    I want one of those new Texas History Books!
    One of the local writers in the np here was all up in arms when they haven't read it yet. He is upset that they took out the founder of NOW. Well, if they had left her in, could we really discuss the truth? And also Sanger and her disgusting agenda? They don't want that.

    How was your habit a safety issue, HOW? And the rosary is a weapon, spiritual one but I didn't think they believed in it.

  2. Re: Rosary article

    I wonder if the mother is aware of the Catholic League. I would recommend Bill Donohue's group over the ACLU any day in defending the Christian's civil rights!


  3. Father Powell: here's a slightly off-topic question about your use of the new Missal. I understand that each Bishop's conference is in charge of implementing the missal. Since you're in Roma are you part of the US Church, some pan-European English Conference, or do the Dominicans have their own roll-out schedule as part of their order?

  4. Ben, generally, for the English Masses here, we use the Ordo for the Diocese of Rome and the current English translation of the O.F.

    When the new translation is available, we will very likely switch. Until a couple of benefactors purchased the new lectionaries for us last semester, we were using the old ones.

    Things change slowly in the Eternal City!