21 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing (B.O.-less Edition)

The American Papist's initial reaction to the Knights of Columbus brouhaha.  

The pagan rites of a lesbian-Episcopalian consecration.  I never witnessed this sort of thing when I was an Episcopalian.  I had to become Catholic to see it.    Fair warning:  this vid is spew-worthy.

Again, words matter: no created being can create;  we can recombine existing things to produce something new, but we can't create.  That's God's job.

Did she excommunicate herself?  On the Catholic sister who approved an abortion in AZ.

An English translation of the Descartes letter we were given to translate for our exam.  I've read it five or six times--in English!--and I don't know what he's talking about.

One priest's experience with multi-lingual Continentals.  Here at the Angelicum, most of the friars are at least trilingual (native tongue, Italian, and English).  Several friars speak all of the major European languages.  And some can boast Latin, Greek, and Hebrew on top of these.  In my limited experience, our Polish brothers are the most proficient at picking up foreign languages.

On the suicide of Catholic culture in Spain.  Perhaps these folks yearn for the return of the Moors.

"No one is listening until you make a mistake" and 53 other cynical Thoughts for the Day.

Do-it-yourself consumer warning labels:  "A Dead Sea scroll found that UFO's cause liberalism in bald Armenians, so just don't over do it." 

Ronald "The Pimp Meister" McDonald reiterates, "I said NO special orders!"

Dog diary vs. Cat diary.  I love dogs, but would rather be a cat.

First Lesson of Law School:  never ask a witness a question you don't already know the answer to.

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  1. A philosophical question for you: "a created being cannot create". I agree with that, but what do you call "creativity"? (I really don't know: I'm not a philosopher). In other words, if I bolt together a bunch of parts to build a car, I wouldn't say that I "created" the car, because its constituent parts were pre-existing. But I did come up with the design, style, color, etc, and that could have come from my own head. Same applies to poetry, music or art. Those are "creative" processes, the ability of which is what makes it possible for us to discern a Creator's hand in nature. But can you call such a thing the ability to "create" a design or poem?

  2. Ben, good question...

    Like any term we apply to both God and ourselves--good, holy, wise--, the application of that term to us is by analogy. God Creates; we create. God Creates from nothing; we create from something He has already created. So, when we say that we create a poem, etc., we simply mean that the composition of the poem is new not the components.

  3. templariidvm11:47 AM

    ok, can I have the 15 min back of my life that I spent watching that video?? If the dancing girls had at least been under 100 years old I might not feel so ripped off. So did Disney design that ceremony or something? I am glad that the new translations walk our worship even further from that type of multi-culti "all religions are equal" mentality! Dang I need a shower after watching that!

  4. Father --

    The German exam given by Emory's History Department* one year was a page xeroxed from some book about 17th Century economic history in the Holy Roman Empire. So here you were in trouble if you didn't know the exchange rates between their coins (pfunds, schillings. pfennigs? I dunno!!)...and then there was economics. NONE of the ancient/medieval people passed that semester.

    *praise Jesus's Holy Name my department allowed me to satisfy the requirement when I turned to the man on my exam committee and said "could I have written 3 papers for you in field without being able to read enough German to pass some silly exam??" He said yes and signed.

  5. Oh - and remember the old joke:

    How do you address a man who can speak six languages??


  6. Re: Ronald McDonald

    "CEO Calls Ronald McDonald a 'Force for Good'"

    Apparently, he has not seen the picture evidence to the contrary.