05 April 2010

Scuba Becky update

Talked to Scuba Becky (a.k.a. my mother) yesterday.  She has rec'd no official word on her biopsy results; however, a nurse in her doctor's office told her that if anything had been found, the doc would have called immediately.

So, looks like the biopsy was negative. 

Funny aside:  while talking to mom on the phone, I could hear the O2 tank making this wheezy, popping sound.  I started snickering, thinking of my new nickname for mom.  Shhhh...don't tell her.

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  1. pardon me padre, but if that doc's a "no news is good news" type doc he's a shit head.

    and the nurse is out of line.

    a) all biopsy results "should" be given directly from MD to patient regardless of finding.

    b) negatives can take a long time.....so can positives. ie, because it's taking awhile isn't an indicator.

    Scuba Becky needs to call the MD and insist on talking to the MD and demand a status report. If results not in, when can they be expected...etc. If I remember rightly it's been over a week. It's time to bang on bars and knock heads together.

    Ninja Nurse..over and out.

  2. Mom, she has an appt. later this week. I think the RN saw the report but couldn't give a MD-level assessment of the results.