09 April 2010

Kindle 2 vs. iPad. . .what's it gonna be?

In a recent post I asked for advice/reviews of Amazon's Kindle 2.  Most of the responses were positive.  Some readers suggested I look at Apple's iPad

So, I did.  

My conclusion:  very nifty machine. . .but WAY more machine than I need.  I just want a easy-to-use, inexpensive way to read my books while traveling during the summer.  Since I have a laptop for web browsing, the iPad's internet capabilities would go unused most of the time.  I don't collect pictures or videos nor would I use the thing to store financial/personal info.  My sense of the iPad is that for me buying one would be comparable to a little old lady buying a Porsche to make her weekly trip to Bingo at St. Bubba's.

So, what's the decision on the Kindle 2?  Probably gonna pass.  First, on the advice of my sagacious readers, I looked at the WISH LIST and discovered that none of the books I should be reading during the summer have been Kindled (is that a new verb?!).  Second, my Fun Books (sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries) end up in the common reading room of the priory.  I couldn't share them if they were on a Kindle.  Third, I could buy a lot of philosophy books for $260. 

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  1. Kind of what I expected in that the books you want are not available as ebooks. Catholic publishers are slow to adapt.

    I'm commenting from my iPad and I Have already read a couple of books from Ignatius Press.