09 April 2010

Banning the burkha?

Q:  What do you think about these countries like France that are trying to ban Muslim women from wearing  burkha's?

A:  Only liberal fascists are stupid enough to believe that something as useless as banning religious garb will guard their precious secularist dogmas.  If they ban burkha's, why not clerical garb or religious habits?  You might say that they wouldn't ban Christian religious garb b/c Christianity is foundational to western European culture.  According to the E.U. Constitution, Christianity had absolutely nothing to do with the foundation and development of European culture.  They've already tried to ban crucifixes in Italian classrooms, and the leftists in the U.K. are trying to force Catholic schools to teach that abortion is a morally acceptable choice. 

By banning the burkha, the Nanny Statists are turning this traditional form of dress into a symbol of religious resistance to an over-weening political ideology.  I say, "Wear Two Burkha's!"

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  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I think the burqa and the niqab or any other piece of clothing that masks the face and impede recognition should be banned for security reasons, not religious ones.
    Elise B.

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM

    some "liberals" actually propose simple courtesy and equitable treatment — for everyone.

    witness: The Pluralism out of Boston, sponsored by a Professor of Comparative Religion and Indology at Harvard. Diana Eck, I believe.

    Said professor is highly intelligent and just makes good sense. She is all in favor of the Burkha. And whatever... what a concept.

  3. Anything which masks the face should be banned. If the face is visible then the head covering is ok.