09 April 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing (in breve)

The ever-vigilant Tom K. of Disputations provides irrefutable scriptural proof that Jesus was a Dominican:  Luke 24.41.  Now, this proof fails to demonstrate that Jesus was a plump, trustworthy Dominican.  Had Jesus wanted to prove that he was such a Dominican, he would have asked, "Have you any creme-filled Krispy Kremes."  Why KK's?  Because Jesus was also a southerner. 

More anti-Catholic bigotry from Newsweek:  a report on priests raping religious sisters in Africa is titled, "The Trouble With Celibacy."   Are we to conclude from this that celibacy causes rape?  

I've often preached against "bumper sticker spirituality". . .now there's a book out explaining the philosophy of bumper stickers.  If you read, send me a review. 

Kathryn Lopez of National Review Online takes Maureen "CINO" Dowd to the woodshed.  Lopez notes that in a recent column Dowd whines out this ridiculous question:  “How can we maintain that faith when our leaders are unworthy of it?”  Surely this question tells us all we know about the depth, breadth, and sincerity of Dowd's faith.

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  1. What! Jesus was no more a Southerner than a person born in South Boston. And He would never eat Krispy Kremes--too much gluten and yeast. Besides He liked fish for breakfast (proof He summered in Nantucket).
    One thing for sure, Jesus was a Red Sox fan. The proof is that He always fought against the Evil Empire.

  2. Hmm. . . the book sounds interesting. Will try and pick it up after the term ends. I'll add it to the list of summer books to read. :)


  3. LudiDomestici2:35 PM

    More trouble for the pope:


  4. Ludi,

    That story is so full of factual errors...they will be retracted it much like the NY Slimes had to do with their Holy Week attack piece.

    The first error...CDF didn't have full control of abuse cases until after Crdl Ratzinger insisted on taking them all...in 2001.

    First among many...