01 March 2010

Quick update. . .

Just got off the phone with Mama Becky.  She reports that her parents went to a nursing home this weekend.  Her father, Clyde, is 97 and suffering from a bad eye infection.  Her step-mother, Mildred, is 89.  

They have lived in the same house in the Mississippi Delta for 70 years! 

Please keep them, my mom, and her sisters in your prayers.

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  1. Would you mind praying for another
    Mississippian? My grandmother has been having "spells" for a couple of years now--we think they're small strokes, and they're slowly destroying her mind. Please pray for her and her family as she declines and they care for her. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Father, I live alone with my 94 year old mom who has alzheimers, and it's over 2 years since I've had a day off. It was interacting with you on your blog and your articles and comments that gave me the wake-up call that I'm well past "burn-out" as a constant caregiver, and I'm now in the process of making improved arrangements. I'm learning and changing. You will likely never know, this side of heaven, the lives you touch as a priest, and as voice of reason. Thank you.