04 March 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Can climate science restore its rep after the Global Warming Hoax?  I hope so.

Satanic sects working in the Vatican?  Of course, there are.  Satan isn't stupid; he goes where the work is. 

Catholic campus ministries are the key to reforming the Church in the U.S.  Long a stronghold of dissidents, liturgical flakes, and misfit ministers, campus ministry is slowly becoming The Place for building a solid foundation for orthodox Church reform.

On the dangers of instant communication via Facebook and Twitter:  a false rumor that John Roberts is resigning from the Supreme Court.  Wireless internet connections and laptops in class pose a pedagogical dilemma for profs.  The easy availability of texts on-line vs. the temptation to conduct private conservations.  I hate to tell students not to use their laptops in class, but they can't seem to resist being distracted by them.

Interesting bit of rhetorical "Duh-ism" from the leftist Dutch media.  A right-wing political party that polls second place is labeled "a fringe party."  That tells you who's really on the fringe.

Wow. . .someone give this guy a drink before he explodes!

12 Biggest Rip-offs in America.  All-you-can-eat buffets are included in the list.  Obviously, they've never gone to a buffet with me and my friends!

Stumped for the right thing to say in an award moment?  Confronted with the need for a trite saying that doesn't commit you to taking action?  Use the Cliche Finder!

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  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I followed the second link and I just can't believe that there are bishops and priests who don't believe in satan!

  2. wow, you found some really good stuff this time!!

    I don't even know what to comment on first...so I'llask a question instead..

    during Mass last Sat my priest told us that there were spots open in the men's CHRP this month....then said if you didn't go to CHRP you were going to Hell.....

    was he kidding??