01 March 2010

My day. . .

Between 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm today, I. . .

. . .saw an Italian couple get hit by a taxi in front of the Wax Museum.

. . .took classes at the French Embassy.

. . .met a young Roman woman in my French class who had lived in Houston as an exchange student.

. . .visited the Church of St Louis of France and saw four beautiful Caravaggio paintings, including three world-renowned canvases of The Calling of St Matthew, The Inspiration of Saint Matthew, The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew.

What did you do today?  ;-)

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  1. Buried my aunt. My brothers and I took turns filling in the grave. It's a meditation more people should try. Remember man that you are dust...

  2. I travelled to London,
    met my daughter,
    unblocked the drain from her shower,
    walked around Covent Garden,
    ate dinner in Bloomsbury,
    talked about God to the man sitting next to me on the train home.

    ps Hope the couple were ok?
    Have you visited the Galleria Doria Pamphili (Piazza Collegio Romano)- can recommend it.

  3. took all 3 hooligans to the doctor for strep tests...then stayed home with them as all 3 are positive...I was positive in the ER yesterday morning...I've seen this Blue's Clue's DVD 3 times....I don't remember anything after that.....

  4. Is the Italian couple okay? I sincerely hope you didn't need to administer Last Rights.