01 February 2010

Virtue & Vice: what's yours?

Virtues are good habits.  Vices are bad habits.

Virtues help us to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Vices prevent us from doing so.

What do you consider to be your single best virtue and your worst vice?

Remember:  keep it clean!

My Best Virtue:  I am an unrepentant idealist when it comes to doing the right thing.

My Worst Vice:  I am stubborn beyond reason.

Yes, the two are directly related.

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  1. Hahaha! A case of your greatest weakness being(as opposed to becoming) your greatest strength eh?

    I really couldn't state my worst vices or virtues, as I might be deceiving myself, knowing me of old...but the vices would include, lack of discipline in prayers, and the virtue, er strong faith in impossible situations (because I know prayer works but don't always do what I know to be good, rather the opposite!).

    The Rosary (when prayed) works incredibly powerfully for me, personally. I have never known a prayer like it, and it includes a relationship, with Our Lady, which I also didn't expect!

  2. My best virtue: modesty

    My worst vice: reticence

  3. I'll go with biggest virtue being that I do bend very easily to the will of God when I am specifically asked to do something. And I am extremely firm in adhering to my marriage vows and what they demand from me, without excuses or much hesitation.

    Biggest vice is a tendency to anticipate God's will, and become anxious, sometimes despair, and then try to fulfill roles that aren't mine in a manner that constitutes a lack of humility. It's a relational anxiety, where I do not deal well with God's answer being "wait" instead of letting me know what the long term plan is. And in my zeal to plan out my wheat field for a year because it's 9am and my daily bread hasn't arrived yet, I will frequently run myself down to the point where too many stressors become occasions of sin. If I would trust that I am loved even when things are quiet, I would wind up in far fewer scrapes.

    And my virtues and vices as expressed are very linked. I will trust, when I have communication, but struggle with trusting that I have been provided for when communication is more scant than I feel comfortable with.

  4. Virtue: Very loyal friend
    Vice: Preoccupation with Sin...think 24/7...

  5. Virtue: Extreme loyalty.

    Vice: No sense of "backing away" from arguments/fights/disagreements. I don't look for them, but do nothing to avoid them.

  6. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Virtue: Hope. I'm about the gravest sinner with whom you have ever come in contact. I constantly hope and pray that I will be forgiven and be granted the grace to amend my life.

    Vice: wrath, hyperbolic wrath. And, the lack of grace needed to avoid the near occasion of that sin; which leads to probably the garvest sin of all: deficit of charity.

  7. Virtue: courage/fortitude

    Vice: laziness (not sloth, but laziness)

  8. Best virtue: loving patience with most things and people

    Worst vice: vengeful anger when trust is betrayed.

  9. Gregg the Obscure10:04 AM

    Virtue: generosity;
    Vice: anger.