04 February 2010

India spanks IPCC

The evangelism arm of the Church of Global Warming, the IPCC, is starting to unravel at lightening speed. 

The Indian government has announced that it has pulled out of the U.N.'s effort to fabricate a global climate crisis and formed its own scientific foundation to track changes in the Himalayas. 

Can China be far behind? 

Pope Al Gore I was unavailable for comment.   The Nobel Peace Prize committee is too embarrassed to show its face in public.

Of note:  GreenPeace U.K. calls on the IPCC Chief Pachauri to resign.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Can China be far behind?

    In a word, no. India, China and even Brazil are the up-and-coming economic powerhouses now and they are not about to burden themselves with disadvantages. Global warming has always been a thinly-veiled attack on U.S. economic hegemony and now that she's fizzling, the meme has worn out its usefulness.