06 February 2010

Catholic identity at the University of Dallas

John Allen reports on his participation in a recent panel discussion at the University of Dallas.

The discussion topic:  "The Identity of a Catholic University."  

Oddly, Mr. Allen contrasts "intellectual openness" with "religious orthodoxy," as if one cannot be both open and orthodox.  Of course, what "openness" means to the Tolerant Crowd is a dogmatic adherence to leftist ideology, deviations from which result in swift prosecution and punishment at most secular universities. 

So, yes, it's true. . .one cannot be intellectually open and secularly orthodox.

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  1. Whenever a "progressive" Catholic asks an orthodox Catholic about his "intellectual openness" and "tolerance," he usually does so with the same lack of sincerity with which one might ask: "When did you stop beating your wife?"

  2. Honestly, I did not hear good things about this. When asked by Dr. Hanssen why he (John Allen) referred to traditionalist catholics as "taliban catholics" he gave a non response answer.