05 February 2010

Just Say No to the Ouija

Now there's a pink Ouija board. . .just in case you want to introduce your daughters and granddaughters to the practice of occult divination.

And just in case you DO want to introduce them to such things:  DON'T!  Marketed as a parlor game, the Ouija board is anything but a game.  It's a doorway to Something that no sane person wants to play with.

Even if you reject the notion that divination is a way of invoking demonic forces (whatever they may be), and even if you reject the notion that there is any such thing as demonic forces, divination of any kind taps into the human unconscious and brings to the surface images, patterns, forces, ideas, passions, etc. that are unconscious for very good reasons.  

Chief among these reasons is the tendency of the human mind to shape its understanding of the world around the complexities of daily experience.  Guided by right reason, the mind is capable of rational deliberation, of weighing options and calculating consequences for self-preservation within the proper bounds of Right and Wrong.  Once we have opened ourselves to our more primitive impulses and passions, reason quickly begins to look more and more like a nagging restraint rather than a guide.  And what is left to guide us then?  Predator instinct? Power?

From a Christian perspective, occult divination is the outright rejection of Divine Providence.  We don't need to know the future (if such a thing is possible) b/c we trust in God's promise to provide and care for us.  All we need do is give God thanks for all the blessings He has already given us and do what is Right.  

If you own a Ouija board, Tarot cards, etc. get rid of them.  Destroy them.  There's no need to be superstitious about the process--just burn them along with other trash, or tear them up so no one else can use them. 

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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Why so scared? Are these things stronger than your god? They must be...

  2. Anon, my sensible caution when it comes to occult practices is irrelevant to an assessment of God's power. The two are completely unconnected. What's relevant is my fallible faith in God's infallible power. Occults practices obscure a person's ability to rightly discern God's power in his/her life.

    God has won the fight with evil from all eternity. His human children are still catching up.

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    To put it perhaps more crudely: I'm not scared of raw sewage. But when someone puts raw sewage in a pretty pink box to entice others to eat it, I'm gonna call it out faster than Charleton Heston on Soylent Green.

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Good advice, Father. But Ouija Boards and Tarot cards should not be burned (that's another issue with the occult) but rather, ripped up and destroyed. A little holy water sprinkled on them would help, too.